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About Us

Precision Construction Consultants (P.C.C.) is a custom home building and major remodelling division strictly set up and designed for those interested in building or remodelling a true custom home, personalized to the families needs and those who require that extra special attention to quality and service.

People usually have to make concessions on many items during the process of planning and purchasing or remodelling a custom home. The result is a home which does not totally fit their families needs, design taste, or livability standards -- it isn't their total dream home -- but they are still paying a fortune for it. Most people rush out and purchase or remodel expensive so-called custom homes, after their existing home sells. In some cases it is a custom home, but it is someone else's custom home idea -- not your dream home -- and in most cases built with volume spec market quality.

We take pride in building or remodelling signature homes -- works of art, individualized to our clients needs, design tastes and livability standards. We save our clients money and also build them more home for the money they spend.

We give each of our customers the opportunity to truly own their Custom Dream Home at a fair price. We help you turn your dream into reality!


Precision Construction Consultants

6153 Harwick Drive
Memphis, TN 38119


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